Friday, January 28, 2011

Sage and Ivy @ Felix Meritis

The lovely thing about the Downtown schedule of Aifw is the variation of locations that are chosen by a wide range of designers to show their new collections. Young label Sage and Ivy of Dutch designer Alexia van Engelen showed at Felix Meritis today: a beautifulclassic building on the canals in Amsterdam. The surroundings responded perfectly with the winter 2011/2012 collection of Sage and Ivy that was absolutely gracious and intelligent.

This collection, called My Beating Heart, was inspired by St. Petersburg: a city in which French culture and Russian folklore melt together. Beautiful classy garments in
luxurious fabrics create a feminine, strong and subtle sexy look. Amazing!

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Text and photos: Lisa Goudsmit -

AIFW impressions


Marloes Blaas Fall/Winter 2011: A women's merit

Independent and elegant looking women paraded down the catwalk during the show of .MarloesBlaas. this afternoon. With ther Fall/Winter 2011 collection ‘A women’s merit’ Marloes links back to the fifties were women started to stand up for their rights and emancipate.

Soft knits, leather jumpsuits, high waisted skirts and tough boots combined with army green clothes and bags represented the collection of Marloes Blaas.

All pieces you’ll want to adopt for your own wardrobe.

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Pictures: Peter Stigter
Text: Mirjam de Ruiter

Crème Fresh: young talent

Fashion Week Thursday can be called the day of the young, upcoming designers. There were shows of Roparosa, Bravoure, The Green Fashion Competition, Individuals by AMFI, Marije de Haan and in Trouw the young talents ended the day. Under the name Crème Fresh designers Lotte van Keulen, Elise Kim and Ellis Biemans gave a show together.

Although the distance between the Trouw building on Wibautstraat and the main area of Fashion Week is many kilometers, people could find their way over there and so the interest was huge. Three rows of seats with behind them three rows of fashion minded people were lined next to the catwalk. About a quarter to eight Lotte van Keulen kicked off the show with her collection Assemblage.

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Text and photography: Simone Lautenbach -

Gomes Esser Design & Musa Shah

Meet Denise Esser and Aleyda Gomes from Gomes Esser Design and Musa Shah. On Thursday-night all three young designers made their first steps in the big world of Dutch fashion on the runway and it won’t be their last steps for sure.
Futuristic meets elegance by Gomes Esser Design and soberness meets luxury by menswear designer Musa Shah.

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Text: Anne Haakmeester

Lhana Marlet/Marije de Haan LAB show

Young fashion talents Marije de Haan and Lhana Marlet presented their fall/winter collections together for the first time this fashion week. A wonderful combination of comfortable and luxurious garments Flatliners 2.0 by Marije passed the catwalk on both women and man. Every outfit was very wearable and with an androgenic touch. Marije has an eye for great quality fabrics with a reference to twenties work clothes.

Lhana Marlet, on the other hand, used a lot of prints in her collection Eva’s Apple, inspired by her mother, which is also a designer. Different tree and leaf patterns were printed on tight transparent leggings and feminine shaped outfits. As an ex-intern of Alexander McQueen, you can tell that Lhana has a lot of attention to detail.

These two young talents are once to watch in the near future.

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Text: Mirjam de Ruiter -
Photo’s: Chelsea Syrett

The Green Fashion Competition

Yesterday The Green Fashion Competition came to an end with a spectacular award show. Eight different designers gathered with their two models to present their ideas of sustainable fashion to the jury. A jury that consisted of: Georgette Koning, Tony Tonnaer, Manolo Marquez, Wijnand Broer and Paul Vetter from the Dutch ministery of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

OpportunityAfter a wonderful show, designers OAT (2nd price) and Elsien Gringhuis (1st price) left a real check which gives the designers the opportunity to set up their actual plans of creating this sustainable fashion line into reality.

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Text: Mirjam de Ruiter -
Photography: Michiel Langbroek / Chelsea Syrett

Bas Kosters suprised with creative show

Bas Kosters Friday surprised the audience of Amsterdam Fashion Week with a striking catwalk show.

The final part of the show consisted of a dance performance of models wearing the clothes of the designer. Bass sang along and accompanied the models on the catwalk.

The show was presented by Grazia

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Samira Algoe & Roya Hesam @ LAB

In LAB, Amsterdam International Fashion Week gives promising young designers a chance to show their collections to a fashion loving crowd. Today a double show by two designers: Samira Algoe and Roya Hesam.

Samira Algoe graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2010 and is now already showing at an official AIFW venue. ZEM by Samira Algoe presents a cool menswear collection with an interesting new silhouette and exciting color combinations. Innovative material combinations like denim, rubber-like fabrics, wool, leather and plastic details in pale and natural nudes with colorful elements, create a minimalist yet futuristic look.

Roya Hesam, also an AMFI-graduate, already won the International Award at London’s Fashion Week in 2010: definitely one of Holland’s most promising designers. Her women collection is absolutely stunning! Like her previous collection, this one also shows beautiful feminine garments in soft colors. Roya uses a lot of satin, silk and transparent fabrics to create a wonderful soft yet powerful look.

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Text: Lisa Goudsmit -

Individuals A/W 2011; La petite mort

For the upcoming winter season the innovative brand Individuals presented a dark yet inspiring collection; La Petite Mort. A collection adopted from the feeling of breaking borders, adrenaline that rushes through the body, creating an astonishing atmosphere.

The tenth collection by Individuals includes many contrasts; loose silhouettes made from flowy fabrics link to a certain feeling of freedom, whilst strong shapes, tight leather leg chaps and bronze coloured corsets give a feeling of restriction and control. Also the colour palette for this Autumn/Winter collection is nothing but mysterious; dark red, shades of black, orange and bronze give a rich feeling to the look of the clothing.

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Text: Mirjam de Ruiter