Saturday, January 22, 2011

Downtown: AMFI Individuals opening event

The beautiful corner store ByAMFI on spui plein was the location of the opening event 10x10 by Individuals. The brand Individuals is presenting its 10th fashion collection during this Amsterdam Fashion Week. A brand that is produced by young creatives whom are all studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. 

The concept of 10x10 tells the story of the five years of Individuals. It expresses that each collection and generation of fashion students has contributed to the development of the brand. “10x10 focuses on the specifics of every collection from the past.” Student Bing Gall tells me. “We have become a brand with a unique effluence and addition to Dutch fashion. And are growing each season.” The store has a very minimalistic design that leads you through the 10 different collection. A white line guides you through the store with a preview of the new collection and end point; Le Petit Mort, Fall/Winter collection 2011. “We are also introducing a new ‘budget’ collection, which is maybe more approachable for students like you and me. This collection is called canvas #1 by Individuals and exists out of hand printed singlets.”
Visit the store ByAMFI to experience this unique approach on Individuals and to have a look at its new collection. Spui 23, Amsterdam

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The opening of AIFW at Designer Market, Maison de Bonneterie.

For the third time Maison de Bonnetrie is opening the fashion season with its exceptional Designer Market on the first floor. With a festive event, including a fashion bingo, the warehouse serves as a platform for Dutch design talent. 

Collectie Bas Kosters
During fashion week young, but also already more established, designers are selling their collections at this warehouse in the city centre of Amsterdam. Designers as Addy van de Krommenacker, Bas Koster, Bravoure and Roparosa are represented and sold in the store. “It is very exciting to be here. I am selling some basics from my recent collection whom are closer to the public.” says designer Roos van der Kamp (Roparosa)

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