Saturday, January 29, 2011

ROPAROSA: the day after

On Thursday morning the show of her label ROPAROSA was the official kickoff of the First day of Fashion Week. How is Roos van der Kamp, the day after, when the rush and adrenaline of her well-received show are gone? ,,I’m tired but very happy with the result”.

What was the concept of your collection?

,,Come As You Are is about your own strength and power. All lines in the collection came from the middle of the body and formed as it were a shining star. To believe in your own strength and stay truly to who you really are while they outside world wants all kind of things from you was the idea behind it.

Did everything went well?

,,Most worries I had were about the moment of changing. Last year I showed twenty outfits, so I had twenty models. That wasn’t allowed this time, but luckily everything went very smoothly. In addition we planned to show some outfits with bare legs, but that didn’t work. I was very happy to score a pair of tights somewhere.”

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Text Simone Lautenbach

Addy van den Krommenacker: Jungle Book Deluxe

If there was one show this Amsterdam Fashion Week everybody wanted to see, it was the Addy van den Krommenacker show. Last night he showed in a packed hall his new collection. A Show with a capital S. There seemed to be no end, in positive terms, because every time you thought you had seen the last dress another one came around the corner.

Army, jungle and floral prints, prints of trees, glitter and sequins, but also al lot of gold. Van den Krommenacker sent an innovative new collection on the catwalk. ,,I am well known for my use of pink, red and other bright colours. But this time I came across green. I found this beautiful fabric and my first thought was: ‘this is not my colour’. But then it became a challenge to me just to be inspired by this colour.”

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Text Simone Lautenbach
Credits: Peter Stigter

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Fifth PaP collection by Monique Collignon

Monique Collignon showed this night her fifth PaP collection from MC by Monique Collignon for autumn/winter 2011. She used a lot of satin, leather, cotton and mohair fabrics for the items.

The Dutch designer didn't work with lots of colours; only black, white, grey and deep purple were seen on the catwalk.

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Text: Styletoday