Sunday, July 18, 2010

There's no Fashion Like Show Fashion

In between the shows the fashion crowd have a minute to flanner, take a pose, observe and 'investigate' eachother. Fashion Week is a moment where people know they will be watched by others and therefore put a lot of effort into their wardrobe. Will they also put this kind of effort in their fashion presentation without a fashion week? Let's hope so. Take a look and be inspired!

Christina (DFF) prefers extravagant fashion items

Julien explained his clothes have to look like Julien.

Stylist Yordi huinder (r) discribed his style nonchalant and 'to young for my age'. On his side is eshter  Nieuwjurk

Danny (2nd year student Rietveld) wears custimized pants and torned tights

Costume Designer Jimmy Paul has a good sense of humour if it comes to fashion

Laurie de Kok (fashion designer) wears artistic shoes of Fleur Thio 

Stephanie Floor (AIFW) wears a jumpsuit of Bruuns Bazaar

Photo's by VINCENT KOS,
Written by Marij Rynja, www.MarysCupOfTea.Blogspot.Com