Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It’s finally time to Come out and play in style with Roparosa’s newest collection. The airy line consisted sporty yet chic garments, that are perfectly in line with Roos van der Kamp’s earlier collection (Catch as Catch Can Part 1 and Part 2), making her designs recognizable and easy to love.

Elastic waistbands and shiny materials are usually not the first things that pop in my mind when I think of chic or even likeable garments. Probably most fashion guru’s even wake up, every once in a while, sweating after a nightmare that’s called ladies sportswear . A successful design based on these unloved factors is probably equally as rare as hot weather in The rainy Netherlands. But lately the universe seemed to redefine her conception of rare since in the newly tropical lowlands it’s nothing less than unbearably hot and Roos van der Kamp showed a stunningly tasteful collection based on sportswear.

Besides the obvious sports references, also the geometric and futuristic shapes of Come out and play were hard to miss. The sharp angles and the heavier materials gave the collection a mature and fierce feel. That combined with the sport influence resulted into amazing showpieces that belong on AIFW’s catwalk. The best of both worlds: the crowd that witnessed this unusual mixture was probably just as astonished as the discoverer of the Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s uncommon but delicious.

Photos by Aram Goudsmit -
Written by Karin Aalberts


Right before the Sandwich show is about to start, an excited visitor next to me is surprised about the young and modern crowd the Sandwich_ show pulled in. The loyal Sandwich_ loving visitor who claims that usually this show only brings in the typical and mostly older Sandwich_ woman, is glowing with pride when Sandwich_ creative director Henriƫtte Daniels steps on stage. Is this the beginning of a new Sandwich_ era with clothing not only suitable for the typical Sandwicher but also for the young hipsters in the room?

The creative brain behind the Sandwich_ collection shares her philosophy about designing simple yet innovative clothing, with the audience. Daniels says that she was inspired thirty years ago by Japanese designers, who made garments based on shapes and out of natural materials. This is still the style of the in twenty-four countries sold brand; unforced, easy-to-wear authentic clothing. Daniels underlines this conception with an comparison with television chef Jamie Oliver. His innovativeness is to explain by his ability to create new meals by mixing good and simple ingredients. The same way Sandwich_ creates new garments and new shapes based on the typical Sandwich_ ingredients.

Probably not as hip or as forward as the younger crowd would have rooted for, but easy one-hand-in-pocket clothing, that looks comfy enough to make the chic fashionista consider trading her tight dress, for an airy Sandwich_ trousers. It’s not the most spectacular or experimental show on the planet, but Sandwich_'s strength lies in their consistency and stability. I’m sure the Sandwich_ woman is rooting for their never-dying reliability.

Written by Karin Aalberts
Photos by Aram Goudsmit