Monday, February 1, 2010

Bibi van der Velden – Wearable Pieces of Art


This is me speechless.
Everything about the closing show of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, sponsored by Samsung LadyPhone, was just perfect. Jewellery designer (no: ARTIST) Bibi van der Velden produced an absolutely breathtaking collection. And not only that, the whole concept of the show was amazing: the models, the music but most of all the lighting. As the whole room was slowly filled with smoke, a huge spotlight suddenly lit the room creating this surreal, hologram-like, smoky bundle of light in which the models one by one appeared. The whole setting created a magical, powerful, cinematic image that amazed the audience; I sure heared a lot of ‘oe’ and ‘aah’ in my surroundings!
It is hard to explain the pieces that make this collection, because they can not be pinpointed as ‘necklaces’ or ‘bracelets’. They can better be defined as headpieces, armours and blown up jewellery pieces, or as the designer described them herself: wearable pieces of art.

We saw shoulders decorated by giant ‘shoulders pats’ (did Lady GaGa already see these?) and unbelievable necklaces of glass bubbles. There were silver headpieces resembling the shape of headphones and one model’s head was completely covered by decorative stones, creating a fashionable Damien Hirst-like artwork.
Bibi van der Velden experimented with glass, bronze and stones among other materials to create exclusive, hand-made pieces for this show. Some designs can be described as glamorous, others as futuristic or extravagant: but they were all mind-blowing and innovative for sure!

It was amazing to see how the designer used her experience as a sculptor to create these artpieces. One could also tell that her inspiration comes from travelling around the world: African and Asian influences give an extra twist to the designs. She also seemed to be inspired by knights: traditional armours and headpieces that used to protect the body were now translated into beautiful, futurustic jewellery like an amazing armour-like belt and headpiece resembling the medieval body-protection.
Bibi van der Velden is an absolutely unique designer: the standing ovation she received from the audience after she came out with topmodel Yvke Sturm was so well-deserved!

Like I said: this was pure perfection. A perfect closure to a week filled with the most exciting, innovative and beautiful runway shows. Thanks to all the sponsors, designers, organisation, designers, models, producers, visitors and everybody else this was again a very successful Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Get ready for AIFW Summer 2010!

Merle Deterink and her new Samsung phone

Photos by Aram Goudsmit, except first and last photo by Maria Rudnaya
Written by Lisa Goudsmit

The People & The Party, Part Deux

Photos by Maria Rudnaya