Friday, January 28, 2011

Crème Fresh: young talent

Fashion Week Thursday can be called the day of the young, upcoming designers. There were shows of Roparosa, Bravoure, The Green Fashion Competition, Individuals by AMFI, Marije de Haan and in Trouw the young talents ended the day. Under the name Crème Fresh designers Lotte van Keulen, Elise Kim and Ellis Biemans gave a show together.

Although the distance between the Trouw building on Wibautstraat and the main area of Fashion Week is many kilometers, people could find their way over there and so the interest was huge. Three rows of seats with behind them three rows of fashion minded people were lined next to the catwalk. About a quarter to eight Lotte van Keulen kicked off the show with her collection Assemblage.

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Text and photography: Simone Lautenbach -

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