Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walking around in Van Lamsweerde & Matadin's heads @ FOAM

Have you ever wondered whats going on in an artists head? How he or she thinks or how it looks? Is it messy or structured? Or is there pretty much everything floating around? Fotografiemuseum_Amsterdam FOAM can give us an impression. Fashion-art-photographers Inez van Lamsweerde (1963) and Vinoodh Matadin (1961) have tried to visualise what has been in their heads for 25 years with more than 300 pictures, varying from blown-up photos, laminated images, posters and tiny pieces-of-art framed in a shiny silver list. Walking through the rooms and alleys of FOAM, you walk so to speak through their heads. 
Unlike other overview exhibitions, Inez & Vinoodh's work is not presented in a chronological order or in themes. Instead they have chosen for a more intuitive approach and mixed it all up: a glossy fashion spread for Vogue of 2007 next to a black-and-white portrait of a Hollywood actor or a framed Polaroid of 1993. It’s about context and interconnection between images. And all images represents their visual language, their identity, and their professional journey. Inez & Vinoodh described the exhibition like 'ongoing sentences, without a beginning and an end, where every word is an image’.
The duo have explored unique ways to stretch the definition whether it is called fashion, fine art, photography or commercial work. Therefore this exhibition shows how exciting the distinction (and tension) between these conflicting fields can be. It is an overview of indeed pretty much everything this internationally well-known fashion duo have accomplished so far. Don't be too late to visit the exhibition during the summer, mid September 2010 the exhibition will end.

Inez van Lamsweerde (1963) and Vinoodh Matadin (1961) both studied at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. Eager for more fashion, Van Lamsweerde specialized in Fashion Photography and Matadin in Design & Styling. Art have brought them together, professionally and passionately.
This broad luggage of fine art, fashion, visual and design have excluded the duo from other fashion photographers. But more characteristic is their edgy integration of commercial advertorial work with the fine arts, two opposites in the eye of fashion. 
Visit this link to see an interview with Vinoodh Matadin & Inez van Lamsweerde during the openings-ceremony last June, 2010. They give feedback on the way of presentation, on their cooperation and their work. Recommended to see this video before you step into their heads!  

Limited Edition Paper made by M/M (paris) ! Only € 7,95, a real collectors item.
Exclusively made for this exhibition, M/M (paris) designed a newspaper filled with 25 superposters, an image for every year Vinoodh and Inez are together, in work and in love. And M/M have designed a custom-made typography them, which is spread through the exhibition and is on the back of every poster as well. So, buy 25 images of Inez & Vinoodh for only €7,95. For sale at FOAM or via their webshop.

Where: FOAM, Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam | When: untill 15th of September 2010 | Price: 10 euros | Info: www.foam.nl | Free guided tour on 15th of July (this thursday!) at 19:30 hrs.

Text and pictures by Marij Elisabeth Rynja

Kelder sale @ studio Frans Molenaar

Fashion Week DOWNTOWN is the 'off-schedule' program of AIFW and the best thing about it is that it's open to the public! The Kelder sale of Frans Molenaar was on today's schedule.

Frans Molenaar is a Dutch couturier that has been around for about 40 years now. Until 2005 he has launched 80 different collections. Great achievement!

This year Frans collaborated with AIFW and presented a 'Kelder' (basement) sale. This sale is based on the remains of previous collections by the couturier. 'Not everyting in a collection gets sold and this is stored in the basement. Hence a basement sale', thus Frans.

Entering the studio there were multiple racks full of clothes. Mostly hung by color to present a clear and beautiful picture. Walking by the racks you could see the differences in collections. You could find trenchcoats and jackets in tweed fabrics, costumes and suits. It was a walk back in time. 'Some of these pieces are at least 25 years old and they still look great' the couturier added.

And he was absolutely right, we spotted beautiful handmade dresses with details barely noticable by the naked eye. But modern pieces were in store too such as dotted blouses.

Because of the different collections at the sale there was pretty much something for everyone! And for almost half (or even more) off of the original price!

You can finally own your own Claes Iversen design, as he opened a beautiful shop/atelier yesterday on the Herengracht 176.

Obviously the whole fashion pack attended the opening - where Claes himself was brimming with pleasure and excitment. And who can blame him, last year his whole archive was burnt to cinders in a disastrous fire.

Congratulations Claes on your perserverance and stunning store!