Friday, January 22, 2010

Catta Donkersloot: (DE)-Constructing me

The van Gogh museum wouldn’t be the first place you would think of when showcasing a fashion collection. But designer Catta Donkersloot had a good reason for doing so; her F/W 2010 collection was inspired by Alfred Stevens' artworks. Beautiful imperfect and elegant women are highlighted in his work. Every painting of Stevens', showcases a woman filled with emotions, painted in detailed garments, a beautiful gown and with an intriguing expressions on their faces.

Catta Donkersloot, who graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2004 and from the Fashion Institute Arnhem in 2006, She was inspired by the expressions featured in Stevens' work. Her collection was translated into an installation; ‘(DE)-constructing me’ which could be viewed every Friday night at the museum. An art project constructed in collaboration with photographer Lisa Kortenhorst which showcases three different fashion shoots in an interactive movie, combining fashion and film.

During the event this Friday, Catta had chosen six different models, who were wearing the pieces from her latest F/W collection. Beautiful women all dressed in the same authentic silhouette and style as Stevens' portraits. By taking the distinctive shapes, but translating them into modern time, Catta’s collection is feminine and graphical at the same time.
When the models had made their pace through the museum they, individually or in groups, turned into real-life portraits, as tableau-vivants; yet another link between Catta Donkersloot’s F/W 2010 collection and her inspiration, the paintings by Alfred Stevens.

a short impression of the event:

Catta Donkersloot @ Van Gogh museum @ AIFW from Mirjam de Ruiter on Vimeo.