Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show: Painting Pictures by MLY

Last afternoon, Emily Hermans showed her most personal collection until now. The collection was called ‘Painting Pictures’, which refered to her youth which she spend on a farm. On the one hand she was a girly girl, ride horseback and do ballet, on the other hand she did very forceful activities in the forest. The collection contains both sites of Emily.

MLY describes memories as fragments, which you colour during the rest of your life. Not like a chronologic story, but more like snapshots. Therefore the catwalk was instead of the usual white catwalk, coloured with spots and splashes. For some clothes, she lent the pattern from paint by number colouring pictures.

Before the show, which was held in Westerliefde, on a big screen her photo and videoshoot could be seen. It took place in Norway, the snow there refers to the white paper on which she projected her memories.

Emily, who is known for her knitwear, showed for the first time also a MLY Woven part. The good news about her whole collection is, that it will be available in a size range from XS to XXL.

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