Thursday, January 28, 2010

Elsien Gringhuis

The last time I remember trembling in my seat was during Iris van Herpen's impressive fashion show last winter.

Elsien Gringhuis's collection belted down the runway with an equally eardrum-affecting momentum. And with two prestigious awards on her name, Best Avant Garde 2008 and the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana award for most creative collection, Elsien doesn't have to joke around.

This winter collection is strict, structured, clean and modern with a monotonous colour scheme of blacks, greys and whites. Whereas the models had some shoe-struggles (and three were forced to kick their heels and stomp on their socks), there was no messing with the contemporary and architectural structures which were sent down the runway.
Through the progression of the show, the approachability of the designs increased. Although I still found it hard to imagine the touch business woman that would don a Gringhuis outfit, I was soon abet by Elsien herself; she received a warm and worthy applause wearing a dress from the collection, and proved the wearability of her designs looking sophisticated and effortless.
A strong woman, with a strong vision on contemporary design.


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